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BBC Knowledge Magazine 
Inside and Outside Magazine 
Architecture + Design Magazine 
Reader's Digest 
BBC Good Homes Magazine 
Best Selling Magazines

Architecture + Design Magazine
Rs (1800) 1350 
BBC Good Homes Magazine
Rs (1200) 600 
BBC Knowledge Magazine
Rs (600) 360 
Better Photography Magazine
Rs (1400) 1150 

Business India Magazine
Rs (480) 290 
Champak ( Hindi ) Magazine
Rs (480) 384 
Champak Magazine
Rs (480) 384 
Child Magazine
Rs (1200) 800 

Discover India Magazine
Rs (1200) 800 
Entrepreneur Magazine
Rs (1200) 999 
Good Food Magazine
Rs (1200) 900 
Grihshobha ( Gujarati ) Magazine
Rs (300) 240 

Grihshobha Magazine
Rs (720) 576 
Inside and Outside Magazine
Rs (600) 400 
Legal Era Magazine
Rs (840) 756 
Outlook Magazine
Rs (1530) 899 

Outlook Money Magazine
Rs (780) 525 
Overdrive Magazine
Rs (1500) 1150 
Reader's Digest
Rs (780) 475 
Sarita Magazine
Rs (600) 480 

Society Interiors Magazine
Rs (900) 765 
Stardust Magazine
Rs (900) 765 
TIME Magazine
Rs (5400) 2646 
Top Gear Magazine
Rs 1200 

Subscribing to Magazines in India

As the world of communication is changing with the changes in technology we see a new trend rising amongst readers. Magazine addicts now have the convenience of reading what they want wherever they want and in a way they would like to. 

Almost everything is turning digital and most things can be bought online. No wonder, that now, one can easily subscribe to magazines in India online. Subscribing to magazines online is much easier than filling offline forms and customers can avail of discounts not available otherwise.

The ease of magazine subscription online

Subscribing to magazines right here takes away the inconvenience. One can even gift them to near and dear ones. It can make for a very thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed and cherished throughout the year. One can fill the cart with the magazines one like and pay right from the desk. 

The range of magazines

An entire range and variety of Indian and international magazines is available for subscription at a click, on the website. One can choose from lifestyle, beauty, travel, science, news, business, management, current affairs, environment, comics, movies, Men’s, Pharma, Fashion and glamour, Cooking, Parenting, Retail, Entertainment, Home Décor, Interiors, Sports, Wildlife and a lot more.

Magazine subscription in India

If you keep a track you can get some really hot deals with some very exciting gift offers available on the magazine subscription. While you subscribe for magazine you can even check the accessories that are available that make reading those magazines more enjoyable.

You can pick what you need to make reading more fun from a variety of mugs, lamps, racks, coasters and penholders. These are a few things that help you reading magazines more fun.

So if one subscribes to her or his favourite magazine, it can be enjoyed along with the special accessories.

Look for promotional offers that come with magazine subscription in India

Almost every other magazine offers some brilliant promotional offers only through indiamags. So if you have decided to subscribe to a magazine of your choice you could check out the promotional offer available before you buy. It could be a real hot deal that could almost turn your subscription free.

You can also get heavy discounts on expensive magazines and enjoy reading for an entire year. So if you have decided on what you want to read, subscribe to it right here and enjoy great deals and even better reading. 

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Magazines - International Edition: Advertising/Art Audio/Video Automobile B2B Journal Business and Economy Cooking and Food Electronics Entertainment And Film Fashion And Glamour General Interest Health And Fitness Home Decor Interiors And Architect IT Lifestyle Mens News And Politics Parenting Photography Science Sports Teen Wildlife Womens Advertising Audio
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