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Welcome Future Jumpline Customers...

Congratulations on your Free J2-VDS for 3 Months Web Hosting Offer

• 2 GB Disk Space
• Dedicated IP Address
• Ability to Host up to 20 Separate Websites
• Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) Technology
• Over 25 Integrated Applications
• 3 Tiered Daily Back Ups
• 24-7-365 Amazing Customer Support
• view all the details of the J2-VDS Plan

• 2,000 MB Disk Space
• 30,000 MB Bandwidth Transfer
• 150 POP Email Accounts
• Dedicated IP Address
• Host 20 Domains/Virtual Hosts
• 10 FTP Accounts 

Below is a list of all the included Features:

VDS Technologymore info 
•Sphera Platform Software
• Your own Web Server
• Independent File Structure
• Your own Mail Server
• Multi-Layered Security
• Administrative Privileges (chroot)
• Ability to Install Applications
• Your own Database Server
• Ability to Host Multiple Web Sites 
Web Developmentmore info 
•PHP 5
•Sun Java System Active Server Pages (formerly ChiliSoft)
•FrontPage Extensions
•Graphics Magick
Customer Supportmore info 
• Toll-Free Phone Support
• 24/7/365 Support Ticket System
• 24/7/365 Server Monitoring
• Extensive Online Support 
Ecommercemore info 
•Miva Merchant 5
•128-bit SSL Certificate
•OpenSSL Support
• Shared SSL 
Collaborationmore info 
•Gallery 2
•PhpBB 2
• Guestbook
•Jumpline.com Address Book
•Jumpline.com myCalendar
•Jumpline.com WebMail
•Neomail (WebMail)
• Auto Responders
• Majordomo 
Databasemore info 
•MySQL 5
Web Server Managementmore info 
• Restart VDS
• Backup and Restore Utility
• Quota Alerts
• IP Filtering
• File Manager
• Access Logs
• Error Logs
• SSH Access 
Streaming Mediamore info 
•Helix Streaming Server 
FTP Server Optionsmore info 
• Assign FTP Quotas
• Anonymous FTP
• Assign Anonymous FTP Quota 
Web Applicationmore info 
• Webalizer
• Apache Error Messages 
Domain Managementmore info 
• Support of All tld's Worldwide
• Pointed or Parked Domains (root dir)
• Sub Directory (domain.com/subdirectory)
• Web Aliases
• Script Web Aliases (cgi executable) 
Server Softwaremore info 
•Apache 2.0.52
•Linux Red Hat Enterprise Server 4
•Server Uptime 
Hardwaremore info 
•Dell PowerEdge Servers
•Redundant Cisco Networking
• IBM Backup/Restore (Daily Backups) 
Incoming Mail Servermore info 
• Assign POP Email Quotas
• Catch-all Email
• Individual Email Control Panels
• Local Aliases
• Off Network Aliases (forwarding)
• Distribution Aliases
• Command Line Aliases 
DNS Record Managementmore info 
• Address Record (type a)
• Alias Domain (type cname)
• Sub Domain (type ns)
• Mail Exchanger (type mx) 
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)more info 
• POP Before SMTP
• SMTP Authentication
• SMTP Relaying
• Set Outgoing Recipient Quota
• Set File Quota for Outgoing Mail 

Additional features available on upgraded Plans 

Coldfusion MX 7
Ruby on Rails
Java Runtime Environment

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Click on the Free Offer Details button above.

Am I required to purchase Jumpline.com services to receive the free offer?
No, you are not required to make a purchase. You are already pre-qualified to receive the free offer.

What happens after the free offer expires?
If you chose to remain a customer after the free offer expires, Jumpline.com will bill you the published rate. (link to compare plans) associated with your plan. You have the option to cancel the free offer at anytime and you will not be billed after the free offer expires. You also have the ability to pick your billing frequency (monthly or annual) if you choose to continue using the service after the free offer expires.

What if I want a web hosting plan different than the free offer?
In your Customer Manager you will be able to upgrade to a different plan. You will be prorated a credit amount equal to the value of the free offer. This credit will apply towards your upgraded account.

Do I need a credit card to receive the free offer?
Yes, Jumpline.com requires a valid credit card to secure the free offer. However you will not be billed unless you choose the keep the service after the free offer expires.

What about a Domain Name?
A Domain Name is required to use the free offer. You can use an existing domain name or you can purchase a new domain name from Jumpline.com

Where can I find out more information about Jumpline.com?
Visit our website at www.jumpline.com

What is a VDS?
VDS stand for Virtual Dedicated Server. VDS s a more secure and robust web hosting solution compared to regular shared web hosting.

Will I receive customer service with my free offer.
Yes, you will have access to 24-7-365 email ticket support. You will also receive toll free phone support M-F 9am-9pm.

Will Jumpline help me with the transfer process my existing website?
Yes we can assist you in transferring your domain name to Jumpline’s name servers.

How long will it take for me to get my free web hosting offer?
Most accounts are set up within a few hours.

What do I need to do to cancel the free offer?
You can cancel the free offer anytime inside your online Customer Manager.

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About Jumpline.com
Founded in 1997, Jumpline.com has been servicing over 20,000 small business owner’s web hosting needs. Jumpline.com improved industry standards
in the shared web hosting space by exclusively offering Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) technology in 2002. VDS Web Hosting is a more secure and robust
solution compared to traditional shared web hosting technology. Our staff of fewer than 30 employees is passionate about servicing our clients. From our
experienced network engineers to our helpful customer service representatives, we have scaled our business to service clients in over 90 countries.